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Air Conditioning HVAC

Improving the quality of your life
Whether you live in a 500 square foot apartment or a 5,000 square foot home, air conditioning and heating - often called a home comfort system - can improve the well being and quality of your life.

Like its name implies, a central air conditioner works from a central location to distribute conditioned air throughout your house or building. What’s the difference between a home comfort system and a window or wall-mounted air conditioner? Window- or wall-mounted room air conditioners or portable heaters are designed to work in small areas. A central air conditioner and heater works with a forced air furnace or heat pump to deliver whole-building comfort.

Your home protects you from the elements - keeps you shielded from the sun and wind, and dry when it rains and snows. Your air conditioning and heating system is what makes your protective home relaxing and inviting - cooling you from the intensive summer heat and humidity, then warming you when it’s freezing outside.

A wide variety of home comfort systemsWhat Is Air Conditioning and Heating
From basic, energy-saving models to sophisticated, technology-based systems, there are a wide variety of home comfort systems to choose from. Heating and cooling system installation requirements differ depending on the type of your home or building. Some homes were designed for split systems, with the air conditioner or heat pump outside and the furnace or air handler with cooling coil inside. While other homes were built to accommodate a single package unit outside the house, with only the ductwork and supply/returns inside.

The decisions you make about heating, ventilation and air conditioning - or HVAC - in your home or business directly affect your monthly energy usage and utility bills, as well as your health. Throughout this site, you’ll learn more about the costs and benefits of a new home comfort system vs. an older system, find valuable information about air filters and air purifiers, gather tips on air conditioning maintenance and installation, and learn what to look for in choosing a company to install your home comfort system.

Comparison Checklist

Use this handy comparison checklist to determine which HVAC contractor will work best for your needs.

The company
Has a real shop with a showroom.
Is reliable and licensed to sell, install and repair air conditioning and heating
Specializes in home comfort systems
Maintains a real address (not a P.O. Box or suite numbers)
Welcomes you to visit their offices and shop facilities
Is not a "Big Box" or retail establishment that uses subcontractors
Is not a marketing, sales or referral company
Does not subcontract or use labor pools
Provides Contractors State License Board-required check list
Is a member of the Better Business Bureau
Is a member of the Homeowners League
Is fully insured and bonded
Has uniformed, professional and friendly crews who will respect your home
Has company-owned trucks properly equipped with tools and parts
Has a list of recent customer references
Has experience with various HVAC installations
Has a customer service department
Has experienced service, maintenance and installation crews
Has a supervisor on every installation
Has home comfort consultants


The technicians and workmanship
Specialized in high efficiency heating and air conditioning
Experts in air purification
Properly removes and recycles harmful materials and refrigerants
Designs, matches and verifies components to requirements
Protects your floors and carpets during the installation
Performs a complete clean up each day and at the end of the job
All employees pass a thorough background and drug check
All technicians have more than a two-year apprenticeship
Encourages ongoing training throughout the year
After installation will dial in, calibrate and balance your system

Home comfort design
Uses the latest technology and products
Meets indoor air quality standards
Uses zoning systems and proper ducting
Includes duct cleaning and stabilization

Home comfort system guarantees
No-risk, peace of mind written guarantees
On-time installation date guarantees
12-month satisfaction guarantee
Property protection guarantee
"Apples to apples" low price guarantee

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